「DIESEL」New school bag collection & Catchy new satchel cover

This coming spring, we launch a new school satchel collection featuring edgy Diesel design and wide palette of colors that expresses our brand values.
The randoseru school satchels naturally will be comfortable to carry and easy to use.
Original back support and a design that allows air to escape from all angles give these bags excellent airflow.
The satchels are designed to minimize the burden on students, with shoulder strap anchors by Fit-chan®
which connect the shoulder straps to the satchel, lightening the load on the shoulders and back.
The latest collection from Diesel include the STUDS, 5TH POCKET and EMBOSSED 5TH POCKET serie,
all combining innovative design including studs, labels and fresh colors with practicality.

【DIESEL school bag collection store】
Diesel randoseru satchel collection and randoseru covers will be on sale from late March 2020 in the following department stores and from the Shiffon online store.
The STUDS series Army Green model, exclusively available from directly-managed Diesel Kid branches and the Diesel online store, is also expected to launch in late March.

Dedicated webpage for the DIESEL randoseru collection
DIESEL randoseru collection stockists

・Directly-managed Diesel Kid branches and the Diesel online store (the only stockiest of the Army Green STUDS series model)

・Department stores
Mitsukoshi Isetan
Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store
Odakyu Department Store
Tokyu Department Store
Tobu Department Store
Keikyu Department Store
Hankyu-Hanshin Department Store
Meitetsu Department Store
Entetsu Department Store
Keihan Department Store
Usui Department Store
Fukudaya Department Store
Sanyo Department Store
Tsuruya Department Store
Hamaya Department Store


Attaching to the flap of the satchel, we have a line-up of three types of cover accessories.
They are set apart by the unique design reminiscent of Western fashion like brand labels and denim jackets.
It doesn’t matter what year you’re in at school, use this accessory to suit your mood. Three types (in 10 colors)

【Enquiries about products】
・About the STUDS series Army Green model, exclusively available from directly-managed Diesel Kid branches and the Diesel online store
DIESEL JAPAN TEL:0120-55-1978

・About other Diesel randoseru products
SHIFFON Tel: 03-6666-4321

【About DIESEL】
Diesel is an innovative international lifestyle brand, producing a wide-ranging collection of jeans, clothing and accessories.
Since its creation in 1978, Diesel has evolved from being a leading pioneer in denim into premium casual wear,
becoming a true alternative to the established luxury market.
Despite its growth, Diesel’s philosophy has remained the same: a brand standing for passion, individuality and self-expression.