Business Tie-up with Sports Brand 「hummel」in the Fashion Category

Shiffon handles products planning, production and sales, will make a variety of designs.
Aim for expansion in a wide range of stores

The reason why SSK and SHIFFON came to a business tie-up agreement in the fashion category is that SSK has tried to strengthen its fashion-enhancing strategy and that our planning ability cultivated through collaboration with designers’ or overseas brands are matched.

We are developing a variety of designs and different unique line using functional materials and high fashionability innovative pattern in the fashion category.

For sales channels, we launch at a wide range of markets including department stores, luxury boutiques, specialty stores and so on.

Established in 1923, Albert Messmer developed one of the first soccer cleats in the world.
The brand symbol, a bumblebee, is reflected a concept of the shoes which is “make the impossible possible” and an anecdote from bumblebees which became possible to fly with much effort even though those have large bodies and are said to be theoretically unable to fly
In 1998, it launched the sports fashion collection focusing on retro trends, and has advanced to more than 45 countries around the world mainly in Europe.