Signed License Agreement with Sports Brand “Kappa”

Launch at wide variety markets such as department stores, jeans specialty stores and shopping center.
SHIFFON manages the collaboration items and special orders with brands and retail stores.

The reason why Phenix and SHIFFON came to a business tie-up agreement in the fashion category is that Phenix has tried to strengthen its fashion-enhancing strategy and that our planning ability cultivated through collaboration with designers’ or overseas brands are matched.

In the fashion category, mainly launches the items which is used the symbolic motif of Kappa, and widely develop styles of street, casual, mode and relax.

It has such features that use functional material partially, adapt patterns with a sense of three-dimensional and trend-conscious big silhouette design.
For sales channels, launch at a wide range of markets including department stores, luxury boutiques, specialty stores, jeans stores, shopping malls and so on.

【Sales Channel】
Department stores, boutiques, specialty stores, jeans stores and shopping centers.

It’s a sports brand born in Turin, Italy.
Symbolizing the country of Calcio, it has launched mainly football wears with the logo of Adam and Eve motifs.
It’s used on uniforms of prestigious football club teams including Italian national team, Rome, Juventus, AC Milan, Barcelona and Dortmund and is sharing the glory and breasts with them on their chest.
Currently Kappa is developing a wide range of high functional multi sports wears reflected sense of fun and essence of Italy for golf, running and so on.